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Stainless steel louver

Why use a stainless steel louver?

Many people choose a stainless steel louver because they are strong, durable and resist better than most other materials. The blades can be cut to form perfectly precise angles to ensure that they do their job for years without suffering any negative effects. Since louvers are often exposed to the elements, those made from stainless steel are well suited for all regions, including those high in humidity or salt water; it will not warp in extreme heat or cold.

A stainless steel louver can be customized to fit any specific need you have and can be found in all shapes and sizes, for example, there are round and square, flat and raised louvers. Their blades can be polished or dull and made to fit into large spaces or tiny crevices. 

Depending on where you place the stainless steel louver, you can expect to feel the difference immediately. Especially when you pair it with an advanced damper that opens and closes smoothly and effortlessly. Because the blades are made of stainless steel, when the louver is left in the open position, fresh air can flow thorough easily while rain and snow slide harmlessly away. 

How a stainless steel louver works

The way a stainless steel louver works depends on the type of louver you install. For example, a louver vent is used to capture free flowing air from the outside and force it indoors to circulate inside the house. They are installed on the outside of the home and connected to the main ventilation ducting system. They often have grates or filters attached to deter small animals and birds from nesting.

The stainless steel construction also helps to deflect direct sunlight and keeps the home cool during warm weather. Even though outside air is filtered through the louvers, the temperatures will not reach high levels because the suns rays are reflected away from the roof and back into the atmosphere.

Industrial buildings and commercial facilities rely on a stainless steel louver because it is a self-contained unit; you usually find them filtering air from outside into buildings that have centralized air conditioning systems. Because these types of dwellings have sealed windows, they rely on louvers to  draw air indoors. This keeps the air quality from becoming filled with pollutants.

Louvers can be found in an array of other products, including air vents, doors and windows. Anywhere air needs to circulate, a louver can be used. They are located on heating panels and can even be customized for cars and trucks.

Once you understand the basics behind louvers and how they work, you will be able to search for ways to improve your business. Louvers are a very inexpensive way to ensure that the air you breathe is fresh and clean. They can be basic in design or extremely elaborate. No matter which style you choose, a louver will serve its purpose and create an atmosphere that is comfortable and inviting.